Neistovyy, yarostnyy, beshenyy...

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Неистовый, яростный, бешеный... movie poster.

Movie (2011)
Russian title : Неистовый, яростный, бешеный...

Cyril of Zaporozhye (Bobrov)
Daria Luzina (Olya)
Sergey Larin (Arnold Kirschbladt)
Alexander Luchinin (George Platonov)

During the Second World War, the hidden rivals of the USSR and America, were forced to unite and create a coalition to fight against the fascist invaders. As a result, the Russians and Americans have conducted more than one brilliant joint operation, including "Frantic" (Неистовый), the shuttle bombing missions between England or Southern Italy and Soviet Union. In English this means fierce, furious (яростный).

Note: This film utilises a significant quantity of Computer Generated Images (CGI). Aircraft portrayed in this film may not be entirely accurate and have been identified as closely as possible to real aircraft.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

FFF2011 C-47.jpg
FFF2011 C-47b.jpg

Avro Lancaster (sometimes acting as German bombers)

FFF2011 Lanc.jpg

Among the stream, the famous Avro Lancaster B.Mk.1 R5868 PO S which is the second Lanc' by the total of operations.

FFF2011 LancPO-S.jpg

Returning from the night bombing of Poltava (see next section), the Heinkel He 111 are intercepted by Soviet fighters. This Lancaster in flames is ... one of the Luftwaffe bombers ! (the real air raid was lossesless for the Luftwaffe).

FFF 12219.jpg

CASA 2.111 (Boeing B-17 (!) or Heinkel He 111)

CASA 2.111 acting as German Heinkel He 111H in Battle of Britain (from which this footage is taken) but here used as American bomber landing once the first Frantic shuttle mission comes to an end. On the other hand, the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces, Ira Eaker (played by Nikolay Tochilin) as mission leader is historically true. Eaker was flying in a B-17 called Yankee Doodle II and landing at a Soviet base at Polotava in the Ukraine (2 July 1944).

FFF 01300.jpg
FFF2011 He111BoB.jpg

This time acting as Luftwaffe Heinkel He 111 attacking Poltava on the night of 21-22 June 1944 and destroying 47 of the 73 Flying Fortresses that had landed there during the afternoon. Other attacking aircraft were Junkers Ju 88 (bombers) and a handle Heinkel He 177 (pathfinder duties), all being twin-engined aircraft (the He 177 was a four-engined with only two nacelles).

FFF2011 He111.jpg

Tupolev Tu-4

Tu-4 "01" (c/n 2805103) Central Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia. If Frantic missions (June–September 1944) are the starting point, the result is several times highly surprising. Especially when some American crew members are boarding the Tupolev Tu-4, an aircraft which first flew on 19 May 1947 and reached operational units only in 1949 !
Maybe acting as a Petlyakov Pe-8 the only Soviet four-engined heavy bomber during the war ?

FFF 01650.jpg
FFF 01710.jpg

Polikarpov I-16

Same wallpaper seen in Ep.12 of A zori zdes tikhie (TV Series).

FFF2011 Polik.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire

Once again, footage of Battle of Britain is reused.

FFF2011 Spit.jpg

A friendly dogfight between a Russian and an American pilot, the USAAF pilot is seen at the controls of a Spitfire ...

FFF2011 SpitW.jpg
Battle of Britain footage seen through a set representing a cockpit.

Archive footage contemporary of the action but once again, a Spitfire is seen to act as an American fighter.

FFF 05825.jpg

Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik

During the friendly dogfight, the Russian pilot is seen fighting alternately with a fixed landing gear aircraft (!) then an Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik (cockpit and later when he's opening the canopy) or landing with an Yakovlev Yak-18.

FFF 01815.jpg

Later, the movie session includes this factory scene :

FFF 02650.jpg

Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant

Uploading a cannon.
One of the machine gun on a clamshell door.

Take off :

FFF 02940.jpg
FFF 02942.jpg

Tupolev Tu-2S

Aircraft of the Monino Air Force Museum.


Ilyushin DB-3M

Code 12 white (c/n 891311) Ilyushin DB-3M of the Monino Air Force Museum.


Hawker Hurricane


Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

FFF 10950.jpg

Made for Luring the Luftwaffe

Some decoy ...

FFF 11840.jpg

Ilyushin Il-10

Scramble ! during the night bombing of Poltava...

FFF 12043.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

The short nightly action is probably depicting a German fighter, perhaps a Messerschmit Bf 109.

FFF2011 Bf109.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 110

Probably a Bf 110 in the fireline of a Spitfire in a well known footage but this time seen through a foreground minded to let us being a rear gunner.
Same footage used in other movie : IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

FFF2011 Bf110.jpg

Petlyakov Pe-2

Rear gunner of a Petlyakov Pe-2. Another continuity error as we should see the station of the Ilyushin Il-10.


Antonov An-2

FFF 24700.jpg

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