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Abenteuer Airport DVD cover.

TV Series (1990)

Hansjörg Felmy (Charlie Kapitzky - 12 épisodes)
Ezard Haußmann (Carsten Wolf - 12 épisodes)
Beatrice Kessler (Dr. Hanna Giese - 9 épisodes)
Friedrich Karl Praetorius (Ronny Moosbacher - 9 épisodes)
Claudia Wedekind (Vera Wolf - 8 épisodes)
Martin May (Kai Wolf - 8 épisodes)

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Episode One - Doppeltes Spiel (1+2)

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 of Lufthansa.

Airbus A310

Flughafen Düsseldorf (DUS/EDDL) ... if evidence is provided, so please add this to the dedicated section of the common locations page.

Airbus A310 of Hapag-Lloyd Flug.

Fairchild-Swearingen Metroliner

Fairchild-Swearingen Metroliner.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk & Cessna 206

Cessna 172 Skyhawk & Cessna 206.

Episode Two - Der Coup

Fokker F27-600 Friendship

Flughafen Düsseldorf (DUS/EDDL).
Lockheed L-1011-1 TriStar of LTU International in the background.

Fokker F27-600 Friendship of WDL Aviation.

Fokker F27 Friendship & Boeing 737-230/Adv

The F27 on the left appears to be in one of many WDL liveries.

Fokker F27 Friendship and Boeing 737-230/Adv of Lufthansa.

Aérospatiale AS350 Ecureuil

Aérospatiale AS350 Ecureuil.
Aérospatiale AS350 Ecureuil.
Aérospatiale AS350 Ecureuil.

Unidentified Aircraft

Too far and blurry to tell what is this Lufthansa airliner.


Episode Three - Das Attentat

Boeing 737-330

Boeing 737-330 of Lufthansa.

CFM56-3 engine specific to the Series 300 is visible below.

Boeing 737-330 of Lufthansa.

British Aerospace BAe 125

This aircraft plays a major role in the movie. Registration N198GT, c/n 257123 built in 1981.

British Aerospace BAe 125.

Episode Four - Ein Koffer voller Dollar

Beechcraft King Air

Beechcraft King Air.

Episode Five - Mogadischu-Mann

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 of Aero Lloyd.

Beechcraft King Air

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A pod and propeller.

Beechcraft King Air.

Episode Six - Weißes Gift

Boeing 737-2K9F

Registration CS-TET, c/n 22415/702. First flight September 1980 and delivered new to Monarch Airlines as G-DFUB. Leased to Midway Airlines in November 1984. Returned to Monarch Airlines in April 1987. Sold to Air Atlantis in January 1988, registered CS-TET. Leased to Canadian Airlines in November 1988, registered C-GQCA. Returned to Air Atlantis as CS-TET in May 1989. Wet leased to South African Airways in October 1989. Returned to Air Atlantis in May 1991. Transferred to TAP Portugal in October 1991. Sold to Damania Airways in Febraury 1993, registered VT-PDA. Sold to Sahara Airlines in December 1997, registerd VT-SIE. Sold to Blue Dart Aviation in June 2000. Re-registered VT-BDG in August 1981 with Infrastruture Leasing and Financial Services Ltd. Written-off in May 2013.

Boeing 737-2K9F of Air Atlantis.

Boeing 757-236

Boeing 757-236 of British Airways.

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 of Aero Lloyd.

Boeing 727-230/Adv

In 1990, it must be a Series 200.

Boeing 727-230/Adv of Lufthansa.

Piper PA-31T Cheyenne

To the left.
Some airliners in the far background.

Piper PA-31T Cheyenne.

Episode Eight - Diamantenlady

Piper PA-44 Seminole & Piper PA-31T Cheyenne

From left to right.

Piper PA-44 Seminole and Piper PA-31T Cheyenne.

Episode Nine - Alte Freundschaft

Boeing 737 Classic

Boeing 737 Classic.

Episode Ten - Notlandung

Cessna 404 Titan & Fairchild-Swearingen Merlin

Left to right with partly seen Beechcraft King Air.

Cessna 404 Titan and Fairchild-Swearingen Merlin

Episode Eleven - Die lange Nacht

Boeing 737-35B

Fictional Airline Nova European based on Germania livery.
Registration D-AGEE, c/n 24238/1626. Delivered new to Germania in October 1988 as D-AGEE. Leased to Ukraine International Airlines in April 1998, registered UR-GAG. Leased to Blue Panorama Airlines from June 1999 to April 2000, then to AeroSvit Airlines. Returned on lease to Blue Panorama Airlines in June 2002. Returned to Germania in March 2003. Leased to Deutsche BA in February 2004. Sold to TUIfly in February 2007. Wfu for scrapping at EGBP/GBA Cotswold, Kemble UK.

Reg.D-AGEE Boeing 737-35B of Germania with fictional airline title Nova European.
Reg.D-AGEE Boeing 737-35B of Germania with fictional airline title Nova European.

Episode Twelve - Rettungsflug

Cessna 500 Citation I

Cessna 500 Citation I.

Short 360-300

Registration G-BPKV, c/n SH3752. Delivered new on lease by RAS-Rheinland Air Service in April 1989, then bought by the company and registered D-CAAS in December 1990. Sold to Air Cargo Carriers in December 1993, registered N136LR. Sold to Sunstate Airlines in July 1996, registered VH-SUL. Crashed in December 2021 near Shabunda, Congo operated by Malu Aviation as 9S-GPS.

Reg.G-BPKV Short 360-300 of RAS-Rheinland Air Service.
Reg.G-BPKV Short 360-300 of RAS-Rheinland Air Service.

Learjet 23

On the right.

Learjet 23

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