Mission Top Secret

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Mission Top Secret title screen.

TV series (1992-1995)

Jennifer Hardy (Victoria Wiggins)
Andrew Shephard (Albert Wiggins)
Shane Briant (Neville Savage)
Frederick Parslow (Sir Joshua Cranberry)
Deanna Burgress (Jemma Snipe)
Rossi Kostis (Spike Baxter)

The international youth organization called Centauri equipped with a super-computer, that knows answer to every question is battling with the powerful and fraudulent "businessman", who collects unique works of art and animal species.

Rockwell Space Shuttle

Ep. 1.1 - model of NASA space shuttle. No idea if it is possible to say of which one exactly.

E1A W84Miss NASAss.jpg

Hughes 269

Ep. 1.2 – it was filmed in Germany.

E2D W84Miss HeliD.jpg
E2D W84Miss HeliD (1).jpg

Blériot XI & de Havilland DH60 Moth

Ep. 1.3
Planes seen in Sydney Powerhouse Museum. In the right foreground, Blériot XI registration L611, built in 1914. Behind it with green and blue fuselage and registered VH-UAU, the de Havilland D.H.60X Moth (c/n 414) and an unidentified amphibian ultralight.

E3A W84Miss PowerMusA.jpg

Consolidated (Boeing Canada) PB2B-2 Catalina VI

Ep. 1.3
Registration VH-ASA, c/n 61154 built in 1944. another planes from Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Reg. VH-ASA Consolidated (Boeing Canada) PB2B-2 Catalina VI Frigate Bird II.

Leonardo da Vinci’s glider

Ep. 1.3 - model of da Vinci’s glider seen in scenes set in France, but not necessary filmed there.

E3A W84Miss DaVinciGlider.jpg

Thunder And Colt Ltd Colt 77B

Ep. 1.3 – Registration G-BUFZ, c/n 2139 built in 1992. Filmed in France.


Gulfstream III

Ep. 1.4 – stock footages

E4C W84Miss SAM1.jpg
E4C W84Miss SAM2.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1.4 – plays the same plane what above, seen in Switzerland.
Cessna Citation 560 or Cessna Citation II.

E4C W84Miss SAM3.jpg

Beechcraft King Air

Ep. 1.4 – filmed in Switzerland.

E4C W84Miss SAM4.jpg

Bombardier Challenger 600 series

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland (plane on the very left)

E4C W84Miss Park0.jpg

Beechcraft King Air

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland

E4C W84Miss Park2.jpg

Dassault Falcon 50

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland

E4C W84Miss Park1.jpg

Aero Commander 500

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland

E4C W84Miss Park3.jpg

Dornier Do 228

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland (the nose on the right)

E4C W84Miss Park4.jpg

Pilatus PC-6C Turbo-Porter

Ep. 1.4 – Switzerland
PC-6 Porter or later variant Turbo-Porter (much more common) ?

E4C W84Miss Park5.jpg

Boeing 747-438

Ep. 1.6

Boeing 747-438 of Qantas.
Boeing 747-438 of Qantas.
Boeing 747-438 of Qantas.

Flight Simulator

Ep. 1.6 – B747 simulator of Qantas, perhaps it has some more specific name.

E6A W84Miss simQ.jpg
E6A W84Miss simQ (1).jpg

Transavia PL12 Airtruk

Ep. 1.6 – reg. VH-TRH, filmed in Australia


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