Sora Tobu Kôhôshitsu

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Sora Tobu Kôhôshitsu poster.

TV Series (2013)
Japanese title: 空飛ぶ広報室
English title: Public Affairs Office in the Sky

Yui Aragaki (Rika Inaba)
Go Ayano (Daisuke Sorai)
Kyohei Shibata (Masashi Sagisaka)

Inaba Rika, whose childhood dream was to become a news reporter, is instead a director for an informative TV program. At one point, she was a reporter; however, her career was cut short after her ambitious habits for obtaining and reporting news provoked too many people. Sorai Daisuke is a former fighter pilot, who was so~ close to achieving his dream of being a pilot for the flying squadron, "Blue Impulse. Unfortunately, his involvement in an accident causes him to be reassigned to the public relations office. This is the story about how two people who have to deal with having their dreams crushed.

Gulfstream Aerospace U-4

Registration 75-3252, c/n 1271 built in 1995. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

IMPDB Gulfstream.jpg

Hawker Beechcraft U-125A

Registration 02-3027, c/n 258824.

Registration 02-3027, c/n 258824. Kawasaki C-1 (Reg. 18-1031, c/n 8031) visible in the rear)

Hawker Beechcraft U-125A

U-125A of the Flight Check Squadron of JASDF. Another Beechcraft (02-3027) is visible as well.

IMPDB U125 3.jpg

Kawasaki C-1

Registration 98-1029, c/n 8029.

IMPDB C1.jpg

Kawasaki C-1

Registration 28-1002, c/n 8002. This was one of the first C-1s that entered service for the JASDF.

IMPDB C1 3.jpg
IMPDB C1 3-hosoku.jpg

Kawasaki C-1

Two YS-11s of the Flight Check Squadron is visible as well in the first screenshot.

IMPDB C1 and YS11.jpg
IMPDB C1 2.jpg

Kawasaki CH-47J Chinook

Registration 27-4488, c/n 5065.

IMPDB chinook.jpg

Kawasaki T-4

T-4 used by the Blue Impulse. The lead character, Daisuke, was supposed to become one of the pilots of the Blue Impulse before his dream was dashed by a truck accident.

46-5731 (c/n 1131)
From left to right: 46-5728 (c/n 1128), 46-5729 (c/n 1129), 26-5805 (c/n 1205), 46-5730 (c/n 1130), and
6 T-4s in a Hangar
Unidentified T-4 taking off
4 T-4s flying in formation
IMPDB blue 3.jpg
T-4s taking off
T-4s performing a maneuver called "4 Ship Invert"

Kawasaki T-4

Multiple T-4s are seen flying in formation. The T-4 flying the furthest right (closest from camera perspective) is 06-5782, c/n 1182; with the T-4 to the left of it is 46-5715, c/n 1115; 46-5711, c/n 1111; and 96-5613, c/n 1013. The plane banking to the left is also a T-4 but without a visible reg.

IMPDB T4 2.jpg

Kawasaki T-4

Multiple T-4s are parked in this scene, with a E-767 in the background.

IMPDB T4 and distant KC767.jpg

Kawasaki T-4

Registration 16-5658, c/n 1058. As seen here (as part of a flashback), this T-4 was one of the aircraft damaged by the 3.11 Tsunami that had affected the Matsushima Air Base. The fate of this aircraft post-2011 is unknown but is likely written off.

Archival photo of 16-5658 immediately after the 3.11 tsunami

Kawasaki T-4

Registration 36-5708, c/n 1108.

Soratobu Kohoshitsu T4-1.jpg

Kawasaki T-4

Registration 86-5769, c/n 1169.

IMPDB t4 4.jpg
IMPDB t4 3.jpg

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Parked in the background. 2 T-4 trainers can also be seen to the left.

Soratobu Kohoshitsu C130.jpg

Mitsubishi F-2B

Registration 23-8114, c/n M3014. This was one of the 18 F-2B fighters at Matsushima Base that was damaged by the 3.11 tsunami, and it is unclear if this specific fighter was written off or was repaired to airworthiness.

Archival photo of 23-8114 showing the aftermath of the 3.11 Tsunami, as used in the show

Mitsubishi F-4EJKai Phantom II

Registration 57-8356, c/n M056.

IMPDB F4EJ 2.jpg

Mitsubishi F-4EJKai Phantom II


A T-4 and a F-15J can be seen in the background.

IMPDB F4EJ and T4.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

The main character, Daisuke, was a F-15 fighter pilot of the 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron during the opening scenes of the first episode. In it, he is shown flying 22-8805 (c/n 561 /005) out of Hyakuri Air Base.

2 F-15Js are seen taking off, Daisuke's plane, 22-8805 (c/n 561 /005), is in the front
Combat training
F-15Js flying in formation
22-8805 (c/n 561 /005) at Hyakuri Air Base. 3 other F-15Js are visible in the background.
22-8805 (c/n 561 /005) from above, with 42-8828 (c/n 028) to its left, as well as several other F-15Js.

Mitsubishi F-15J

32-8823 (c/n 023) and 82-8905 (c/n 105) are visible in the background, with another F-15J's nose visible next to 32-8823 as well as a 4th F-15J to the right of 82-8905. Operated by the 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

IMPDB F15Js 2.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

Operated by the 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

72-8886 (c/n 086) to the front, with 82-8905 (c/n 105) and 22-8938 (c/n 138) also parked in the back

Mitsubishi F-15J

72-8882, c/n 082.

IMPDB F15J 4.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

22-8940, c/n 140. Operated by the 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Daisuke reminisces his F-15 pilot days in this scene.

3 F-4EJs are visible outside of the hangar.
IMPDB F15J 2.jpg
IMPDB F15J 3.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

62-8875, c/n 075, of the 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Two other F-15Js of the 305TFS and a UH-60 is also visible.

IMPDB F15 and uh60.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

32-8823, c/n 023, seen being towed in the background.

F15 and towing tractor.jpg

Mitsubishi F-15J

4 F-15Js flying in formation.

IMPDB F15 formation 2.jpg

Mitsubishi F-86 Sabre

Registration 82-7789, c/n 238-19. On display at Matsushima Air Base. The red tape on the nose indicates how high the tsunami came up at Matsushima Base during the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake.

IMPDB F86F.jpg

Mitsubishi T-2

Registration 69-5128, c/n 028. Formerly used by the Blue Impulse and currently on static display in Higashimatsushima, Miyagi.

Blue Impulse T-2.jpg

Mitsubishi UH-60J

Used by the Air Rescue Wing of JASDF.

IMPDB UH60.jpg
IMPDB UH60 2.jpg

Stock footage of a UH-60 in older livery was also seen in the series

IMPDB stock footage UH60.jpg

Raytheon U-125A

Registration 02-3013, c/n 258370. As shown in this scene, this U-125 was damaged by the 3.11 Tsunami and was subsequently written off.

IMPDB U125 tsunami.jpg

Raytheon U-125A

Registration 22-3019, c/n 258493. Used by the Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self Defense Force.

IMPDB U125 4.jpg
U-125 (22-3019) with several UH-60s in the background

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