No le busques tres pies...

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No le busques tres pies... movie poster.

Movie (1968)

Axel Darna (Miguel Aguirre)
Teresa Gimpera (Patricia)
Paca Gabaldón (Luisi)
Manuel Zarzo (Carlos)

(Synopsis needed)

E.3B (CASA C.1.131)

NiBTP 001.jpg

E.3B (Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann built by CASA as C.1.131) Unit Indicative 781-19.

NiBTP 011J.jpg
NiBTP 011K 781-19.jpg
NiBTP 011L.jpg
NiBTP 011L2.jpg
NiBTP 013.jpg

E.17 (Beechcraft T-34A Mentor)

NiBTP 002.jpg
NiBTP 010.jpg

E.17-2 Unit Indicative 791-2 of Escuadrón 791.

NiBTP 011.jpg
NiBTP 011B.jpg
NiBTP 011C.jpg
NiBTP 011D.jpg

C.5 (North American F-86 Sabre)

First of Escuadrón 201.

NiBTP 003.jpg

Later an airframe (without engine) of Escuadrón 111.

NiBTP 020.jpg
NiBTP 021.jpg
NiBTP 24B.jpg

E.15 (Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star)

NiBTP 004.jpg
NiBTP 005.jpg

Two E.15s of Escuadrón 731 : 731-8 & 731-11.

NiBTP 017.jpg
NiBTP 018.jpg
NiBTP 021B.jpg

Lockheed T-33A-1-LO c/n 580-7115 former USAF s/n 51-17538 and one of the first jet (primer reactor) delivered in 1954 to Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) so military registration is E.15-2 and Unit Indicative is 731-2.

NiBTP 022 51-17538.jpg

Alongside 731-3 :

NiBTP 022 731Esc.jpg

T-2 (CASA 352L)

License-built Junkers Ju 52/3m with Unit Indicative 752-1.

NiBTP 009.jpg

Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Miguel's young brother is reading a book : "Aviones de hoy" (today's aircraft) with a Republic F-105 Thunderchief on the front cover.

NiBTP 011E.jpg

AISA 1-11B Peque

Reg. EC-BKR AISA I-11B Peque. Was L.8C-37 when in service with Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force).

NiBTP 011F.jpg
NiBTP 011F2.jpg

Stinson 108 Voyager 3

Reg. EC-ADV Stinson 108 Voyager 3 s/n 108-4338.
Now on display mostly strip down at Museo de Aeronautica Y Astronautica (Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics) at Cuatro Vientos Air Base, Madrid, Spain.

NiBTP 011G.jpg
With an Alouette II in the distance.

Piper PA.23 Aztec

(left to right) Stinson 108 and Piper PA.23 Aztec and AISA 1-11B Peque.

NiBTP 011i.jpg

T.3 (Douglas C-47 Skytrain)

T.3 Unit Indicative 74(6?)-41.

NiBTP 016.jpg

E.16 (North American T-6G Texan)

NiBTP 015.jpg
NiBTP 016T.jpg

E.14 (Hispano Aviación HA-200 Saeta) & E.9 (AISA I-115)

(left) Hispano Aviación HA-200 Saeta without engine (E.14 for the Ejército del Aire) and two AISA I-115 (alias E.9).

NiBTP 019A.jpg

E.9 (AISA I-115) & Aero-Difusion D-1190S Compostela

NiBTP 019B.jpg

E.9 (AISA I-115)

NiBTP 019C.jpg
With a row of E.15s in the background.

C.8 (Lockheed F-104G Starfighter)

Several C.8 / F-104G are seen including C.8-3 "104-13" (s/n 63-12717), C.8-4 "104-14" (s/n 63-12718).

NiBTP 006.jpg

Lockheed (Canadair-built) F-104G Starfighter s/n 63-12715 c/n 683D-6067, the first one delivered to Spanish Air Force as C.8-1 (27 November 1964). Transferred to Hellenic Air Force on 8 June 1972.
Withdrawn From Use on 15 May 1992. Preserved on pole at Tripolis Air Base, Greece.

C.8-1 Unit Indicative 104-11, ex s/n 63-12715.
C.8-1 Unit Indicative 104-11, ex s/n 63-12715.
C.8-10 "104-20" ex s/n 63-13642.

CE.8-23 Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter 104-03 s/n 65-9415.

NiBTP 030.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Perhaps a T.4 (Douglas DC-4 Skymaster) ?

NiBTP 026.jpg

AD-1 (Grumman HU-16 Albatross)

NiBTP 29B.jpg
NiBTP 029.jpg

Modified C.5 (North American F-86 Sabre)

This C.8 looks strange ?
Well ! It's a C.5 disguised as no F-104 was ill-fated during the eight years of duty for the Spanish Air Force.

NiBTP crash.jpg

U-9 (Dornier Do 27)

H : helicopter (see next section);
D : U-9 (Dornier Do 27 licence-built as CASA-127);
G : AD-1 (Grumman HU-16 Albatross).

NiBTP 31.jpg

HE.10B (Agusta Bell 205)

NiBTP 32.jpg

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