Air War Over Finland 1939 - 1945

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Air War Over Finland 1939 - 1945 title screen.

Documentary (2000)

Work done by :
Kalevi Keskinen (Historian)
Väino Rajamäki (Former Lapland Air Commander)
Eero Sinikannel (Editor ?)
Peter Martin (Speaker)

A documentary about the Air War over Finland from 1939 until 1945. A chance to have a look on some quite rare aircraft types.
(Please, note that Finns don't use roman numeral).


Supermarine Spitfire

AWOF 00-50.jpg

Airspeed Oxford

AWOF 00-55 Airspeed-Oxford.jpg

Avro Anson Mk.I

AWOF 02-38 Anson.jpg

Fokker D.XXI

Fokker D.21 as Finns write it but the manufacturer uses D.XXI as type naming.
The first seen is coded FR-79 (c/n 5441) and is powered by a Mercury engine. It was destroyed in an accident on June 1939 after 120 hours of flight.

AWOF 03-09 DXXI FR79.jpg
AWOF 03-38 D-XXI Mercury.jpg

Bristol 142 Blenheim Mk.I

AWOF 03-10 Blenheim.jpg

Fokker C.10

The manufacturer's type name (Fokker C.X) was replaced in Finland by Fokker C.10

AWOF 03-19 Fokker C-X.jpg
AWOF 03-21 Fokker C-X.jpg
AWOF 06-51-Fokker.jpg
AWOF 07-04 Fokker.jpg

Blackburn Ripon IIF

Wheels / floats were replaced by skis during the winter.

AWOF 03-25 Blackburn-Ripon-IIF.jpg

Junkers K 43

K 43 are the military types of the W 34 family, itself very close to the W 33 family.

AWOF 03-29 Ju-K43fa.jpg
AWOF 03-30 Ju-43fa.jpg

VL E.30 Kotka

VL stands for Valtion Lentokonetehdas which means (Finnish) State Aircraft Factory. One prototype and five production aircraft built in the beginning of the thirties.

AWOF 03-33 VL-E30.jpg

Bristol 149 Blenheim Mk.IV

AWOF 03-56 Blenheim-IV.jpg
AWOF 04-09 Blenheim-IV.jpg

Polikarpov I-16

AWOF 04-21 I-16.jpg

Tail of a Polikarpov I-16.

AWOF 09-38 I-16.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Accident ? Shotdown ? Probably a twin engine aircraft.

AWOF 04-58 .jpg

Ilyushin DB-3

Ilyushin DB-3 shot down on 5th February 1940 at Keräsyrjä.

AWOF 04-59 DB-3 19400205.jpg

Tupolev SB 2M-100A

AWOF 05-30 SB.jpg

SB Bombers over Helsinki on 30th November 1939... with some pigeons flying away !

AWOF 05-45 SB-Helsinki 19391130.jpg
AWOF 08-37 SB-M100.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.406

AWOF 06-20-MS-406.jpg

Gloster Gladiator

Finnish Gloster Gladiator GL-263.

AWOF 07-33 GL-263.jpg

Swedish Gloster Gladiator, type J-8 as the volunteers named it.

AWOF 07-56 GL swedish-J8.jpg

Tupolev SB M-103

AWOF 08-20 SB-M103.jpg

Fiat G.50

AWOF 09-13 G-50.jpg

Fiat G.50 FA-1 of 3/LeLv 26, 1941.

AWOF 12-37 G-50 1.jpg
AWOF 13-46 G-50.jpg

Polikarpov I-153

AWOF 09-19 I-153.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

AWOF 11-27 Ju-87.jpg

Dornier Do 17 Z

AWOF 11-44 Do17.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire Mk I/II

AWOF 11-47 Spit.jpg

Hawker Hurricane I

One of the twelve received by Finland in 1940.

AWOF 12-40 HHurricane.jpg

Høver M.F.11

One of the 29 M.F. 11 built by Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk (The [Norwegian] Navy's Flying Boat Factory), usually known as Høver M.F.11. Three of these three-seat, single-engined biplane flew to Finland at the fall of Norway on 8th June 1940. They were pressed into service by Finland when USSR created a state of war. They served until winter 1944.

AWOF 12-42 Hover MF-11.jpg

Brewster B-239

With a 5 on the rudder, it's probably BW-365 of LeLv 24.

AWOF 12-46 B-239.jpg

Fokker D.XXI

AWOF 13-05 FR8.jpg

FR-116 ?

AWOF 13-09 Mercury.jpg

FR-109 ?

AWOF 13-50 21zebra.jpg

Curtiss H-75 A Hawk

AWOF 13-05 H75.jpg
AWOF 13-37 Curtiss.jpg

Tupolev SB bis

Finnish Tupolev SB powered by M-103 engines. Six were refurbished by Finns and seventeen purchased from Germany.

AWOF 13-21 SB-Fin.jpg

Polikarpov I-153

Perhaps VH-101 (later VT-11 then IT-11). This Polikarpov I-153 was sized by Finns.

AWOF 13-26 I-153.jpg

Heinkel He 111 H

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

AWOF 15-26 He111 DV.jpg

Another one is seen with the N9+DA code.

Morane-Saulnier MS.406

Morane-Saulnier MS.406 c/n 715 coded MS-608 will be shot down on 7th November 1941. Former L-744 in France until June 1940 when it was sized by German troops.

AWOF 15-52-MS-406a.jpg
AWOF 15-52-MS-406b.jpg

Ilyushin DB-3

AWOF 16-34 DB-3.jpg

Junkers Ju 88 A-4

AWOF 18-27-Ju-88.jpg

Fokker C.10

AWOF 18-44 Fokker CX.jpg

Gloster Gladiator

AWOF 18-49 Gladiator.jpg

Blackburn Ripon IIF

This one on floats.

AWOF 18-57 Blackburn-Ripon-IIF.jpg

Bristol 142 Blenheim

Shots used again in Tali-Ihantala 1944.

AWOF 20-36 Blenheim-DV-Tali.jpg

Curtiss H-75 A Hawk

Curtiss CU-556 of LeLv 32.

AWOF 23-19 H-75A.jpg

Brewster B-239

Brewster B-239 BW-378 of 4/LeLv 24.

AWOF 23-45 B-239.jpg

Brewster B-239 BW-384 of 2/LeLv 24.

AWOF 36-58 BW-384.jpg

Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz

On the foreground. Behind, a Brewster B-239 is landing.

AWOF 27-41 Fw-44.jpg

Fokker D.XXI

Fokker D.21 FR-91 was shot down on 7th October 1941.

AWOF 29-23 FR-91.jpg

Douglas DC-2

Only one coded DC-1 was committed to operations.

AWOF 31-56 DC-2.jpg

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

AWOF 36-47 DC-2 para.jpg

Ilyushin DB-3

AWOF 33-21 .jpg

Junkers K 43

Finns usually called their aircrafts of the W33 / W34 / K 43 family just by : Junkers.

AWOF 36-06 Ju-W34.jpg

Fiat G.50

Two mechanics servicing the Fiat A.74 RC38 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engine of a Fiat G.50 on 13 March 1940.

AWOF 2015-01-02-21h47m07s22.jpg

Fiat G-50 FA-29, winter 1942.

AWOF 38-36 G-50.jpg

Tupolev SB bis

Tupolev SB M-103 of the Ilmavoimat (Finnish Air Force).

AWOF 39-31 SB-2M-100.jpg

Polikarpov I-153

Two Polikarpov I-153 worn a "2" on their rudder but the yellow band at some distance of the blue Count von Rosen's swastika indicates the VH-12 (later IT-12). Shot taken before July 1942 because this aircraft sank following an angine fire on the 9th of July.

AWOF 39-49 I153.jpg

de Havilland DH60 Moth

AWOF 41-52 DH-60.jpg

VL E.30 Kotka

AWOF 42-23 VL-E30-Kotka.jpg

Dornier Do 17 Z

AWOF 42-40 Do-17.jpg
AWOF 44-41 Do-17.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.406

Morane-Saulnier MS.406 coded MS-325. It was lost on 7th August 1942.

AWOF 43-34 MS-325.jpg

Please note the retractable radiator, here in extended position.

AWOF 43-41-MS-406.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.410

Note the fixed radiator, the most visible difference with the 406.

AWOF 43-28-MS-410.jpg

Petlyakov Pe-2

First a Petlyakov Pe-2 manned by the Finns.

AWOF 44-02 Pe-2.jpg

Then one used by the Luftwaffe.

AWOF 44-10 Pe-2 LW.jpg

A flight of the VVS (Soviet Union).

AWOF 48-31 Pe-2-VVS.jpg

Dornier Do 22 Kl

Four export version for Latvia. Not delivered, but eventually transferred to Finland.

AWOF 47-35 Do-22Kl.jpg
AWOF 47-39 Do-22Kl.jpg

Høver M.F.11

With a Dornier Do 22 Kl in the background.

AWOF 47-37 MF11.jpg

VL Myrsky

Finnish indigenous fighter. The prototype flew on 23 December 1941 and led to a serie of 47 Myrsky II. Their delivery to front units occurred a few weeks before of the cease fire and few operational missions were flown. In service until 1950.

AWOF 49-16 VL-Myrsky.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2

Shot used again in Tali-Ihantala 1944.
MT-227 of 2/HLeLv 24 on 8th May 1944.

AWOF 49-26 Bf109G2.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 F

Of the Luftwaffe.

AWOF 51-30 Fw190F.jpg

Lavochkin La-5FN

AWOF 52-01 La-5FN.jpg

Bell P-39 Airacobra

Used by the VVS.

AWOF 52-03 P-39.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 D Stuka

AWOF 53-04 Ju87D.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 A-6

Same aircraft seen in Tali-Ihantala 1944.
Fw 190 A-6 "black 1" of 5/JG54 taking off at Immola, July 1944.

AWOF 53-27 Fw190F.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-9

A YAk-9 of a Guard Regiment, VVS.

AWOF 53-50 Yak9-Guard.jpg

Sukhoi Su-2

Seen again on DVD07 of Wings of Russia (page 2).

AWOF 54-00 Su-2.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E

Late in the documentary, this Bf 109 E was in fact in Finland on summer 1941.

AWOF 54-34 109E.jpg

Junkers Ju 88 A-4

AWOF 54-46 Ju-88.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

MT-455 of 1/HLeLv 24, Lappeenranta on 26 June 1944.

AWOF 56-25 109G6.jpg

Bristol 142 Blenheim Mk I


AWOF57-30 BL-114.jpg

Lavochkin LaGG-3

One of the three Lavochkin captured in 1942 and pressed into combat by the Finns.

AWOF 58-48 LaGG-3.jpg

Curtiss H-75 A Hawk

Curtiss Cu-580.

AWOF 59-11 H75 Cu-580.jpg

Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik

AWOF 61-31 Il-2.jpg

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